Where to begin?

Worthington, MNI’ll start with the history of personal real estate transactions I”ve had over the years. 

I decided to buy my first house because I got tired of cleaning up a rental, moving out and watching the landloard raise the rent, because I left the place looking better than when I moved in!

The first house I bought back in 1988 was located in Worthington, MN for $25,000 (gotta love that price).  If you’re not familiar with that area, it’s a rural community located east of Sioux Falls, SD. 

Back then I was a single mom and I wanted a house with a yard for my daughter to play in.  I didn’t have or make a lot of money.  I borrowed a down payment from my parents and bought the house on contract from an retired, elderly couple.  The house was built in the 1940’s.  It had 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and an attached double car garage.  It was dated inside, but had good bones and a large lot. 

I updated the inside with paint, window coverings, restored the hardwood floors under the old carpets, and renewed the kitchen cabinets. 

A year after I bought, I was offered a job transfer out of the area.  I put my house on the market.  People said I should expect it to take a LONG time to sell.  It sold to the first person that looked at it, for full price!  People were amazed because most houses around there didn’t sell fast.  I was able to recover my investment costs after closing!

And from that point, I was hooked on real estate!!!


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