Home Repair

Increased Water Bill?

We recently noticed our water bill went up slightly.  At first we thought it was possibly due to inflation or from running the yard hose, but further investigation proved differently.

What to do if you notice your water bill has gone up, even slightly, from your regular usage bill.  Isolating the problem: 

  1. Determine if there’s a running water leak in your house.  Turn off ALL running water in your house, including the washing machine, dishwasher, hose bibs, etc.  Make sure no toilet is filling.  Now go outside and locate your public water meter.  It’s usually near the front of your house by the street with a metal cover.  Lift the cover and look at the meter inside, it looks like an old car odometer.  You may have to flip a small lid inside to see it.  If the tenths are rolling, you probably have a running water leak in your house.
  2. Lift all toilet lids and check to see if you have a toilet that is constantly filling the toilet tank.  Do you hear a slight trickle of water running in the tank?  If yes, the solution may be as simple as making an internal adjustment to your toilet.  Check out this website for tips on resolving this problem: Plumbing 101 
  3. Check for faucet drips.  You’d be surprised how quickly that drip can increase your water bill.
  4. Check for dripping or a soggy, water soaked area beneath outside hose bibs.  A frost damaged hose bib won’t turn off all the way.
  5. Water heater leaks.  When was the last time you looked at your water heater for leaks?
  6. Washing machine hook ups dripping?

The bottom-line, when a leak costs you more than it costs to repair, it’s time to hunt the problem down!


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