Know your Realtor…

Did you know that in the state of Washington, not all criminal offenses are neccessarily a bar to getting a Real Estate license?  In other words, there are some crimes that do not prevent a person from getting a Real Estate license.

I didn’t know this until I studied for my license.  I have to admit, I was a little shocked to find this out. 

So here’s my suggestion to anyone shopping for a Realtor: 

  • GET A REFERRAL…Ask your friends if they know a Realtor they can personally recommend.
  • CHECK REFERENCES…If you don’t know the Realtor, check their references.
  • TELL FRIENDS…If you know a Realtor you can trust, tell everyone you know about them.
  • BE WISE…Lock up your valuables before allowing anyone to show your house.

I truly do not like using fear tactics, but I felt this information needed to be shared.  

Reference:   The Washington State Dept of Licensing website FAQ. 

Disclosure:  I am not a lawyer.  If you have any questions regarding this information, please consult a legal professional.


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