House #4…

Having given notice to vacate House #3, we quickly started looking for a new home again.  We got a new Realtor, but we couldn’t find a house that met our needs in Portland.  Having exhausted our housing choices, we decided to look at homes on the other side of the Columbia River in Washington.  Vancouver, WA offered homes with lower property taxes and better schools and is considered part of the Portland Metro Area.

We were feeling under pressure and this time around we were looking at newer homes that didn’t need a lot of work!  We finally settled on a 1199 SF, 3 bedroom home that was built in 1993, situated on .28 acres.  This home had an oversized 2 car garage.  The home was located in a small, new development and only needed landscaping.  Best of all, the home was vacant and the sellers were ready to close fast!

The down side of this home was that it had a BPA easement across the back of the property.  We researched the regulations pertaining to a BPA easement and the potential negative effects of living by high emission power towers.  The only place we could get this information was from BPA (this was the pre-Internet era).  Building homes near power towers had been done for years so we decided it couldn’t be that bad.

We made an offer to purchase using my VA home loan and we wanted to close as soon as possible.  It worked to our advantage was that the home vacant and we were pre-approved for our loan; the sellers took our offer.  We bought the house for $87,000 in October, 1993.

Believe it or not, the power towers aren’t as close as they appear in this photo!  In fact, the closest tower was more on the neighbor’s property than ours.

Vancouver House


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