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2009 Property Tax Rates are in…

Residence of Battle Ground received information about the 2009 property tax rates for Clark County from the City of Battle Ground in their mail boxes yesterday.  Naturally, I just have to share this information.

The City of Battle Ground reported the lowest rate per $1,000 of assessed property value in Clark County is, DRUM ROLE PLEASE…

Ridgefield! With a rate of 7.63 per $1000 assessed value
Second Place goes to Battle Ground at a rate of $7.64

Followed by…

Woodland  $8.34
Clark County $8.78
Yacolt $9.36
La Center $9.52
Vancouver $9.80
Washougal $10.17

And the highest property tax rate reported in Clark County goes to:

Camas at $12.21 per $1000 assessed value.  (Camas is known for having excellent schools.)

This means if a house located in Vancouver is assessed at $275,000, you divide 275,000 by 1000 and multiply the answer by the tax rate to get the annual property tax rate.

275,000/1000 = 275 x 9.80 = $2695.00 total property tax due for $2009

For more information about Clark County property taxes check out the Clark County Treasurer website.


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