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Why get a Pest & Dry Rot Inspection?

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words!

Below is an example of the damage carpenter ants can do to a house. This is why all buyers should WANT a Pest & Dry Rot Inspection done by a licensed professional inspector.

Carpenter ants are mean and will bit if you get in their way.  The exterminator that was called to take care of this nest of roughly 1000 ants said there can be up 5-6000 ants in a nest, depending on how long the nest is allowed to go undisturbed.  Based on the damage below, it was estimated this nest had been working for 1 year. At this point of damage, the ants were making their way into the homeowner’s house.

Note the pile of wood powder in the studs.  These studs will have to be replaced by a licensed contractor before this exterior wall is closed back up.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants

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