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Today most people know that asbestos is hazardous to one’s health, but did you know that the material dates back to 3000 BC? Back then it was viewed as a miracle material that wouldn’t burn and for it’s insulating properties. Roman restaurant owners used table cloths woven with asbestos, which is a mineral that is soft like cotton. They would throw them in the fire to clean them for the next customer. The table cloths would come out of the fire cleaner than they went in.

Over time, ancient Roman leaders began to realize that slaves that worked with asbestos developed lung sickness. Health problems associated with asbestos were ignored for years and the material was widely used in many common items. By the 1970’s asbestos was openly recognized as a contributor to serious health problems and the use of it has greatly diminished.

Asbestos has a history of being used in building materials. Though it is not used today, there are homes that may have been built with it. When shopping for a home, buyers need to be aware of it’s use in roofing, siding, floor tiles, ceilings, duct work, insulation, etc.  Primarily, any home built prior to the 1990’s may have asbestos building material in them.  For more info on materials to look for, check out

Removal of asbestos materials in a home requires special care.  It is recommended you hire a professional that is qualified to properly remove asbestos from a home.


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