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Dreaming of Home Ownership?

I’ve heard several media reports that right now it is better to rent than to own in many areas, including the Pacific NW.

I struggle with this information for the following reasons…

  • Interest rates are LOW right now. Why risk rates going up in the future?
  • Home prices are low. If you have time to play the short sale waiting game, there are some excellent short sale deals on the market right NOW!
  • Rent is not fixed. Rent may be low today, but remember a landlord CAN increase your rent in the future.

Ask yourself…

  1. Who really benefits when investors buy up all the short sales?
  2. Have you considered the fact that overall home prices go up when investors buy, fix and sell homes for a profit?
  3. Why should I let investors buy houses at a low price so they can turn around and rent them to me for a profit?

If you’re worried about unexpected home repairs that come with home ownership vs. the convenience of calling a landlord to fix things, consider buying a Home Warranty when you purchase your home. A Home Warranty typically covers systems (heating, plumbing, electrical) and appliances within a home. Structural issues (walls, floors, windows, roof) typically are not covered with a Home Warranty.

Don’t let investors buy your dream home!

Remember, there are tax advantages to home ownership for the owner occupied buyer (you) and the investor.

I recommend investing in your own dream home NOW!

Contrary to what many believe, home ARE selling fast. Start shopping the home market today…

Start DREAMING Today!

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Down Payment Help is On The Way…

It appears down payment help is officially on the way for first time buyers!

It was announced that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will allow homebuyers to apply the new $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit toward the purchase costs of a FHA-insured home. The goal of the new FHA plan is to help stimulate home sales and help stabilize the housing market.

For more information about this great opportunity, please refer to

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My flowers are planted…

I planted flowers at my door beneath my “Welcome” sign, to greet me and visitors as they arrive at our home.

There’s something about fresh flowers at the entry of a home that gives it that “Home Sweet Home” feeling. If you plant fragrant ones, it’s an added bonus. Now you could say that I’m torturing the person that has allergies or is scent sensitive, but hey, flowers are EVERYWHERE. I’m just relocating some closer to my house!

Flowers remind me of my Grandma’s house and they remind me of some of my Aunt’s houses. They all had LOTS of flowers. So for me, flowers are more than just something to look at and smell, they are attached to fond memories.

There’s also something about going outside in the early morning to water them. While I’m out there, I enjoy listening to the birds singing as I water my flowers before the sun rises full for the day. In the evening, I enjoy the sounds of frogs and crickets as I water the ones that dried out in the full sun.

Battle Ground, WA is a quiet place to live. The town is located far enough away from the interstate that it doesn’t get the roar of freeway traffic that typically covers up the sounds of nature in a large city.

If you work in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR and you’re tired of living in the city, consider moving to Battle Ground, WA. It’s a GREAT place to live!