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Time is ticking on…

There’s an urgency in the air. If you’re keeping up with the real estate market at all, you know that time is running out to get in on the $8000 income tax credit.

The closer we get to the deadline, the less time a buyer has to close a deal in time. Lenders are getting busy, they are running out of time to work the loans in time for the deadline.

Thinking of buying a short sale before the deadline? You might as well forget it unless you’re already in line at the bank. They take a long time with no guarantee the bank will look at your offer in time, much less make a decision. And if the bank doesn’t take your offer after all your waiting, you have no deal and then you have to start over again–with less time. On top of all that, most short sale homes already have multiple offers waiting in line at the bank. Key word: “WAITING.” Waiting means time and as we know, time is running out.

Yes, I’m being blunt. When you are running out of time, you have to focus your search efforts and look for the deal you know you can close.

It’s all a timing and waiting game.  I’m reminded of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, …I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say “Hello!” “Good bye!” I’m late, I’m late, I’m late… 🙂

Of course there is the option of not caring if you get the $8000. In that case, you can spend your time searching for the perfect deal.  Maybe you will get a short sale for such a good price that getting the $8000 becomes insignificant because of the amount of money you saved on the house.

Honestly, the deals are out there. Getting the $8000 can be less significant if you save a lot of money on the price. Of course, then there’s the issue of interest rates going up and down!  UGH!  It is always something.

It’s all about perspective (how you look at things) and where you place your priorities. Perfect timing shows itself after it happens!

Determine your needs and wants.  Do you need the $8000 to buy? Do you need a good interest rate? Do you need the lowest price? Do you need to buy now?

Do you want to buy in the Clark County area? I’m available to discuss the buying opportunities here–pressure free!

Real Estate


Is the cup half full or half empty?  Is it partly sunny or partly cloudy?  Is it the beginning or the end? Are we headed for, already in or heading out of a recession?  Is it a GREAT time to buy a house or not?

With all the fear based media out there, it seems we are in war of optimism vs pessimism.  There seems to be three perspectives vying for our attention.  One reports good news, one reports bad news and then you have the middle of the road reports which balance the the bad and good news equally (the safe zone).  Frankly, I’m tried of it all and I don’t believe I’m the only one.

Perception is EVERYTHING today!  What you believe, how you view things, how you interpret information is the key to success today.  It’s not about waiting for the perfect time, it’s about making this your perfect time.  If your decision doesn’t turn out as you hoped, you can still turn the results into an opportunity.  People need to stop waiting for the perfect timing, because all they are doing is MISSING an opportunity!!!

Change is good; without it, we do not grow.  No matter how bad the news is, an opportunity is hidden in the midst of the news.  It is change that creates opportunity. More new businesses are started during turbulent economic times.  Why?  Because someone saw an opportunity, they saw a need and they attempted to fill the need; and their idea grew!

People typically hate change, because change forces them to move out of their comfort zone.  Yes people are losing their jobs and homes, but their loss is another’s gain.  Why not make it your gain? Losing your job?  It’s an opportunity to start a new job (a beginning–not an ending).  Yes there are scams out there, but don’t let that scare you from moving ahead.  Trust me, someone is going to take advantage of the situation, why not you??  You need to choose to focus on the good and you need to build a circle of trusted people you can work with if you are going to move out of your comfort zone.

If you’re ready to move out of you comfort zone and take advantage of the current real estate market, call me!!!