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Foreclosure list shorter…

I get an automatic foreclosure list from, A Freddie Mac Unit, emailed to me weekly for my area.  Lately I noticed the list has consistently had less homes on it.  There were 11 listed on June, 10, 8 listed on June 17 and 8 listed today, compared to nearly double that earlier in the year. (Hindsight: Wish I would have tracked the number of homes that were listed on there from the beginning.)

I hope this decrease is an indicator that less people are losing their homes and/or more banks are working with their customers to keep their home!

Home prices and interest rates are still low. Locking into a low priced home with a fixed low interest rate is a good hedge against future inflation!!!

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Economic Stimulus?

If you haven’t already heard, the feds are trying to generate home sales by offering tax credits to home buyers!

Currently, first time home buyers can get a Homebuyer Tax Credit  of up to $7500 if the home buying their primary residence and they close between April 9, 2008 and July 1, 2009.  Basically, this “credit” has to be paid back one payment a year, due at tax time.  It’s like a 0% interest loan.

But wait!!  A new tax credit has been proposal that would increase the credit to $15,000, remove the pay back feature on the credit and might extend it to all home buyers.  It is still not clear if the buyer must be a first time home buyer. 

There’s also talk of another provision to help all creditworthy homeowners refinance their mortgages at rates of 4.5 percent or lower.

And there’s talk of a proposed tax credit if you buy a new car.  (Detroit’s gotta love that!)

Stay tuned for the final rendition of this bill. 

Please consult a tax professional regarding all your tax matters.