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Two Sisters Gifts & Home Decor…

Two Sisters has reopened for the Christmas season!  Christmas, Country, Shabby Chic, & Lots More. Located at 8914 NE ST John’s Rd, Vancouver, WA.  Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11-6.

Check them out!!!

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My flowers are planted…

I planted flowers at my door beneath my “Welcome” sign, to greet me and visitors as they arrive at our home.

There’s something about fresh flowers at the entry of a home that gives it that “Home Sweet Home” feeling. If you plant fragrant ones, it’s an added bonus. Now you could say that I’m torturing the person that has allergies or is scent sensitive, but hey, flowers are EVERYWHERE. I’m just relocating some closer to my house!

Flowers remind me of my Grandma’s house and they remind me of some of my Aunt’s houses. They all had LOTS of flowers. So for me, flowers are more than just something to look at and smell, they are attached to fond memories.

There’s also something about going outside in the early morning to water them. While I’m out there, I enjoy listening to the birds singing as I water my flowers before the sun rises full for the day. In the evening, I enjoy the sounds of frogs and crickets as I water the ones that dried out in the full sun.

Battle Ground, WA is a quiet place to live. The town is located far enough away from the interstate that it doesn’t get the roar of freeway traffic that typically covers up the sounds of nature in a large city.

If you work in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR and you’re tired of living in the city, consider moving to Battle Ground, WA. It’s a GREAT place to live!

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HGTV in Portland OR…

HGTV’s, MY FIRST PLACE is looking for fun, high-energy people in greater Portland area who are buying their first place and I’d like the opportunity to audition with a buyer!!!

HGTV® is looking for fun, high-energy people who are just starting the home-buying process for their first place. They want to capture all the trials and tribulations of looking for, bidding on and buying your first place. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic buyers with a great story to tell and a desire to share their experiences. Singles, couples and families are all invited to apply!

Candidates who are chosen for the show will also receive a surprise housewarming gift during the course of shooting. HGTV will be taping in greater Portland, OR area until Fall 2009. Singles, couples and families who live within a two-hour drive from Portland are encouraged to apply.

If you’re interested, contact me for more information about this fun buyer opportunity!!!